Acrylic Painting Tips
Acrylics are extremely versatile. Here's some tips to get you started.

  • Blot brushes on a paper towel after each rinsing: This prevents water drops
    from running down onto your painting.

  • Acrylics are fast drying: Can be thinned with water to be used like water

  • Keep your paints workable: Squeeze a dab out of your tube onto wax paper
    or watercolor paper at a time. Spraying a fine mist over your paint keeps
    paint workable.

  • Acrylic paints straight from tube are opaque: If diluted with water acrylic
    paints become transparent depending on how much water is added.

  • Use acrylic paints like a colored stain: By diluting heavily with water, then
    wiping off with a rag.

  • Improve flow of acrylics without losing the color strength: use a flow-
    improving medium instead of water.

  • When blending acrylic paints: Work fast because they dry very fast.

  • Acrylic paints on glass: First spray glass with hair spray and let it dry. Then

  • Prolonging life of paint brushes: After cleaning spray a small amount of hair
    spray on bristles to help keep their shape.

  • Soften old paint brushes: Simmer bristles in vinegar, then scrape away old
    paint with wire comb. Rinse, then add a few drops of oil.

  • Try using a sponge to give your piece a different decorative look.

  • Rustic look: To give a piece of wood a rustic or primitive look lightly rub a
    small amount of stain over your piece and wipe off immediately. Then sand
    the edges.

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I found this really cool technique at
Billie's Craft Room, where you can create a
weathered wood paint effect on cards, art journals, ATC, and book covers using
an artist quality acrylic paint.

The example below is on white mount board. If using another board you will need
to first apply a layer of gesso to give it a white base.

Video Tutorial

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