DIY Bohemian Shabby Chic Wrap Bracelet

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Sari Silk Wrap Bracelet Tutorial

If you like the bohemian shabby chic style, then here is a very easy sari silk wrap bracelet to make. You could make several of these up very quickly.

Material Need For This Bracelet
1 Small Barrel Bead
3 Spacer Beads
2 Ceramic Beads
6 1/2' of Sari Silk
Something to help push ribbon through barrel bead.
My sari silk is from a roll of scrap ribbon with unfinished edges.

Fold sari silk in half, add one spacer bead, ceramic bead, spacer, ceramic, and spacer.

About 7" from one end tie a loose knot. If you tighten it too tight your beads may slide off. Now tie another loose knot on the other side of your beads, to keep them grouped together.

Slide your barrel bead on the same end, using a reamer tool etc. to help you get both ends through the smaller bead.

On the other end tight a loose knot about 7" from end like you did on the opposite side.

Now take the ends and put them through the small barrel bead too.

Slide barrel bead half way up, then tie each set of ends in a knot. This is your sliding clasp.

Slide bead to the end, wrap your bracelet around your wrist (should wrap three times). Slide bead up to tighten.





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