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  • Prevents plywood from splintering: By placing masking tape on the line
    you are cutting.

  • Hole to big: No problem just mix a little bit of glue with saw dust, fill in
    the hole, let dry. Re-drill the hole.

  • Prevent glue from oozing: Apply masking tape along side of area to be
    glued prevents glue from getting in unwanted places.

  • Need time when gluing: Try white glue instead of yellow. It dries slower.

  • Stripped out holes: Place one or two toothpicks in the hole, then screw
    in the screw, break off toothpicks.

  • Spread Glue on edges: Try a toothbrush. Works great, easy  clean up.

  • Secure wood to work surface: Use clamps so wood won't slip  while

  • When cutting: Saw blade teeth always face away from you.

  • Pilot holes: When cutting out circles, squares, etc. First drill  hole at
    inside edge, large enough for saw blade.  

  • Rusty blades: Coating blades with WD40  helps them last longer and
    keep them from rusting.

  • Matching putty: Mix saw dust from the same wood you are using with a
    clear epoxy.

  • Cut wood easier: Applying paste wax to saw blade teeth.

  • Screws: Will go in easier by rubbing a little paraffin wax on first.

  • Avoid lost caps: Store your wood glue in a mustard bottle. It has
    airtight twist cap, and its free.

  • Putty trick: Place a strip of masking tape on area to be nailed. Set
    heads, place putty over nail heads, remove tape.

  • Gel Stains: Are thicker so less running, color pigment stays suspended
    instead of settling on bottom so less stirring. Comes in water or oil

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