Merry Christmas


Tweet I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Bloglovin. Please Share!!!

My CVS Extreme Coupon Deals – Dec. 21


This extreme sale was for CVS brand oral care, spend $10 and get $10 earned cash back. Only one per extra care card.

Diy Soap Dispenser

mason jar soap dispenser

Diy soap dispenser made from a mason jar…homemade mason jar pump soap dispenser…

Update On Blog Transfer

My little helper

I’m making the big leap and moving my blog to Bluehost. You will still find Diy projects, recipes, and more.

How To Weather A Mason Jar Lid


Tweet Have you ever needed a mason jar lid that looked weathered for a project that you were working on? I ran across a tutorial by accident, and decided that I would give it a try. All you need for this project is Mason jar lid, sandpaper, vinegar, bowl, and paper towel. First sand your […]

Loving Extreme Couponing


Loving extreme couponing! You can save tons on your grocery bill by extreme couponing. I saved 72% on one of my recent shopping trips.